Lost In Infinity Split by Alex Markow


What happens when you blend together sex appeal, photography, paint splatter, and an empty room?  Well you get Lost In Infiinty Split, a portrait series by Alex Markow that includes the naked bodies of two women and an abstract paint splattered room.  The idea was to cover the naked bodies in the same color as those of the installation so that they overlap with the work and that everything works as a solid color.  Check out more pictures from the series below.

infinitysplit-1-900x600 infinitysplit-2b-900x598 infinitysplit-3-900x600 infinitysplit-3b-900x598 infinitysplit-5-900x601 infinitysplit-6-900x600 infinitysplit-12-900x600 infinitysplit-13-900x601

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