Machinelike Mythological Creature Drawings by Yasuto Sasada


When it comes to art there are no limits.  Traditional eras can be contrasted with modern day technology, modern day technology can be fused with bacon (no limits right?).   Japanese artist Yasuto Sasada has been doing combining cultural traditions with the future in his latest collection of drawings.  Sasada has established a new style of painting that connects old and contemporary ideas, all while taking the viewers into another realm.  Of course like most art, there is a deeper meaning behind it, Sasada says, “My paintings purport to relay the concept of reviving life into living creatures through superb technology, or machines. I draw creatures ranging from tigers, toki (Japanese crested ibis), crayfish and many more… These creatures are revived, and re-start to breathe and regain their well-being. This is my message of “life” towards all living creatures.”  See more of his work below.


To see more work from Yasuto Sasada click below.


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