Make It Count – Nike

The king of sporting goods, Nike, employed the movie director/editor Max Joseph and Casey Neistat to produce an advertisement for the FuelBand, showcasing the phrase “Make It Count .” What Nike didn’t anticipate was everything the two-man team would do next .  At the final moment , the duo abandoned the agreed-upon location , then initiated on their own adventure across the world making use of Nike’s funds and advice to “Make It Count .”   It only took ten days to deplete Nike’s payment . Neistat and Joseph traveled 34 ,000 miles , going to 16 metropolitans in 13 countries on 3 continents . The outcome is a 4 and a half minute movie , which still attributes Nike’s “Make It Count” labeling . In just three days, the video racked up more than 1.5 million views.  Did they make it count?  I think so.  Joseph and Neistat did an extraordinary job taking simple slogan and creating something inspiring and meaningful.  What will you do in your lifetime to “Make it Count”?

What do you think?