Mat Zo & Porter Robinson – Easy (Official Video)

Mat Zo & Porter Robinson team up for an excellent summer theme song.  It’s funny reading some of the comments, a lot of people have been comparing the visuals to Daft Punk’s videos, but c’mon brah, seriously brah…Brah…Its animeJapanese anime has a distinct look so its hard to say they are coping Daft Punk.  Regardless, the message behind the video is interesting as well.  Some people may take offense that she blows up the entire city, but I think it digs a little deeper.  To me, blowing up the city is just a metaphor.  Shes destroying everything didn’t stand for that was being gloried in the city.  A simple reminder for all of us to get in touch with Mother Nature.

Did you enjoy the song?  You want to download it?  Too bad!  I tried finding it for everyone, but there is only a radio rip floating around the internet and I don’t do radio rips.

What do you think?