Mind blowing wooden sculptures by Henrique Oliviera


A whole new meaning to tree house.  Brazilian-born painter and sculptor Henrique Oliviera might be extra terrestrial with his fantasy like wood sculptures.  Everything about these sculptures scream genius and creativity. There is really no other way to explain the genesis of his inspiration for these wood-inspired installations of fantastical, twisting trees that do more than just disrupt an art gallery’s foundation.  Check out more of his work below.

henrique_oliveira_trees_02 henrique_oliveira_trees_04 henrique_oliveira_trees_07 henrique_oliveira_trees_08 henrique_oliveira_trees_10 henrique-oliveira-baitogogo-designboom-04 Henrique-Oliveira-yatzer-13 Transarquitetonica_06

To see more work from Henrique Oliveira click below.


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