Minimal Illustrations by Malika Favre


Malika Favre is a French Illustrator based in London with a penchant for the “Less Is More” maxim.  Looking at her body of work this becomes visibly apparent as illustration after illustration displays vivid colors & patterns across swathes of negative space.  The combination makes for eye catching designs that one won’t forget anytime soon.  Take a look at a few of her recent illustrations for a glimpse into how Malika Favre perceives the world.

Malika_Favre_interview_05 Malika_Favre_interview_07 LOVEIS_clean SCB_Clean_blue_big_900_900 sephora_MUM2014 Cover_Naples_clean_1304Malika_Favre_interview_09 Malika_Favre_interview_10 Malika_Favre_interview_11 Malika_Favre_interview_12 Malika_Favre_interview_18 Malika_Favre_interview_19 Malika_Favre_interview_20 Malika_Favre_interview_21

To see more work from Malika Favre click below.

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