MODEBELOFTE 2012 by Niek Pulles

Niek Pulles 7

That swirl is as visually appetizing as pizza on a Monday evening.  Niek Pulles is a visual designer based in Amsterdam.  Niek creates work that grabs viewers attention and interacts with its environment.  “Blurring boundaries between product design and fashion while investigating the interacts between body and material is the core of my work,” Niek states.  The black and white marble-esk manekins were exhibited at Krabbedans Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week 2012.  Niek wanted to exhibit a new species of human kind, which I believe he has succeeded in doing, because his pieces look out of this world.  Check out more detailed shots below.

Niek Pulles 1 Niek Pulles 2 Niek Pulles 3 Niek Pulles 4 Niek Pulles 5 Niek Pulles 6 Niek Pulles 8 Niek Pulles 9 Niek Pulles

To see more work from Niek Pulles click below.


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