Monumental Book Sculpture Installations by Alicia Martin


Spanish artist Alicia Martin, creates sculptures that look like a tornado shooting out from a building or like a geyser spewing from the ground of a room.  Martin’s sculpture installations are unique spectacles to witness indeed. she has created and displayed many site-specific, signature book sculptures throughout Europe, where people were amazed at how a stream of information transforms into a grandeur size of artwork.

Biografies, one of her well-known project, incorporated three of Madrid’s historic buildings and consisted of approximately 5,000 books for each gravity-defying book sculptures. While maintaining a sturdy core with an intricate metal and mesh framework inside, each of the gigantic book structures were given life with free and disheveled exterior.

“It’s an object that stores and records time and space. Witnessed the transition and human thought and built to be managed and somehow gives eternity to content. The book ” is ” to read and has many readings as people who read it.” Alicia Martin

As Alicia Martin wants to convey through the disused books, a vehicle transmitting culture and time, that we are living in a time when technology is causing a cultural shift in our acquisition and perceptions of literature.

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