Mountainous Paintings by Conrad Jon Godly


I don’t know what my fascination with Conrad Jon Godly’s paintings are.  Could it be because I haven’t touched snow in over a decade?  Could it be because I want to take a butter knife and dab that paint on my morning bagel?  Whatever it may be, it takes a second to really value the extraordinary technique behind what appears to be such a simple utilization of paint.  Close up the mountains look to be a heavy, thick, random mix of blue, white and black, the result oils combined with turpentine to produce a thick impasto that Godly frequently puts dripping from the canvas.  Move several steps back and you might as well be looking at a photograph of the Swiss Alps.  It’s a visual technique that Godly has mastered in both small and large-scale paintings throughout the last few years.

conrad-2 conrad-3 conrad-4 conrad-5 conrad-6 conrad-7 conrad-8

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