MP3 | aRod X SpringGlo 2014


When you live in Southern California and the year-round weather forecast is perpetually 70 degrees and sunny it’s hard to tell when one season officially ends and transitions to the next. Luckily aRod, editor and DJ extraordinaire of Gotta Dance Dirty, provides a clear-cut answer to any equinox confusion with the release of his newest SpringGlo mix. The first installment of his biannual seasonal mix series, its an auditory embodiment of the physical changes that occur as those long winter nights come to an end and are replaced with hours of continued sunshine. Masterfully crafted with a flawless selections of tracks and seamless transitions, aRod has ensured that you’ll be enjoying this mix extensively into the prolonged daylight hours provided by Spring. The mix is free to download over on aRod’s soundcloud page along with each of his seasonal mixes from previous years.


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