MP3 | Body Part (Tasty Treat Club mix) X Ciara

I’m compulsively obsessive about play-listing new additions to my music library when I download them.  My iTunes has about 50 playlists to choose from and a lot of times a new track will fit several, but every now and then I can’t find the right match, and thus, the list grows.  Today’s track is an example of the latter.  Trap? Chill Bass? Baby-makin DownTempo?  Still haven’t come up with good one but i’m all ears for suggestions.

Either way, this TastyTreat remix is a delicious re-work of the new Ciara track that’s pretty damn good in it’s own right.  Grab a listen and the download below and shoot me a comment with a good playlist name if you think of one!

Body Part (TastyTreat Club mix) – Ciara

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