MP3 | Du Tonc X Mixtape 3

Du Tonc Black Nothing gets me more excited than scrolling through my Soundcloud stream and landing on the newest release from the electronic production duo, Du Tonc. Comprised of disco enthusiast/dj, Mighty Mouse, and Matt Van Schie (of tropical electro band Van She), these two have  have combined forces to put out some of the best original electronic productions to date. Their first single, Darkness, released exactly a year ago was one of my top tracks for all of 2013 so it only felt right to include it into this post for your additional listening pleasure. Only a handful of tracks and even fewer mix tapes have been released since Du Tonc’s formation, making this latest release all the more coveted. Filled with an assortment of some of the best tracks and remixes of the year so far, this mix tape infuses sounds of nu disco and deep house into one magnificent hour of continuous music.

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