New Visual Air Technology by Displair

     Displair is a brand new visual technology aiming to eliminate monitors by just using air.  It essentially is a device that can project an image from a computer onto a wall of water vapor. The water vapor forms two aero dynamic screens that serve as the base for the projected image.  The image is unalterable by anything that passes through it.

     The base device is able to download software, project the water vapor and recognize touch. It reads where your fingers are for full physical control over the screen.  The Displair is fast and easily moves the objects on the screen with just the touch of your finger.  Even babies are able to use a Displair since it is more natural than operating a mouse or keypad.
     The monitor is currently compatible with Android and Windows 7-based computers.  It can download apps, movies and can be used for video chatting. The Airlike app allows users to send files by swiping them from their smart phone or tablet to the Displair.

     The Displair is priced at 15,000 dollars is being sold to large companies for further development.  The Russian inventors are hoping to make it an affordable at home device in the near future.

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