Nils Frahm X For/Peter/Toilet Brushes/More


This past week I indulged in my love of all things video game related by checking the coverage coming out Berlin for Gamescom. It was upon viewing the latest trailer from Ubisoft ‘s future release,  Assassin’s Creed Unity, that I came across my latest musical obsession, Nils Frahm. In the teaser, two of Frahm’s compositions, “Toilet Brushes” and “More”, are beautifully paired with the incredible cinematic components of the game. A classically trained composer and music producer, Frahm has created a sound so uniquely his own by fusing together contemporary piano with electronic influences. For/Peter/Toilet Brushes/More comes from a live performance and is a completely fluid combination of four of Frahm’s compositions. Simply put, it perfectly exhibits the absolute mastery over sound that Frahm obtains when he steps in front of a piano.

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