Ocean Reef Sculptures Formed by Rolled Paper by Amy Genser


Taking the inspiration from the organism and ocean, the Connecticut-based artist  Amy Genser cuts, rolls, and arranges countless tubes of mulberry paper mounted to Masonite boards to produce gem-like colors and reef-like canvases. The mural project named “Flow”, which has exhibited all across the US and Europe with Elisa Contemporary Art and Galerie NUMMER40

“I’m a tad obsessed with paper and paint, color, patterns, and texture. If I don’t keep my hands busy working, I feel my whole system gets kinked up,” she said. If you’ve ever had the opportunity of viewing any Genser’s mixed media artworks, you can get a quick hint that she never gets bored of playing with colors and texture. Genser treats paper as a pigment. She layers colors one on top of the other to create different colors and rolls layers to create thicknesses. This technique forms Amy Genser’s defined and iconic aesthetic style. You can see more of her recent work in her portfolio.

reef-6 reef-5 reef-3 reef-7 reef-2 reef-8 reef-1

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