Painted Crystalline Worlds by Nicole Gustafsson


Have you ever dreamed of floating around mysterious universes, fantastical natural wonders, or imaginative microcosms? Then “Nimasprout”, where artist Nicole Gustafsson curates her futuristic, colorful and magical creations might be the source of your dream adventure.

Delving deeper in Nicole Gustafsson‘s art ecosystem, we can find out that she specializes in putting seemly irrelevant natural elements together and showcasing an edgy yet coordinated spectacle that unlike any our own solar system has seen. Angular planets that contain crystals, luminescent waterfalls, and alien plant world lit by two moons. You name it.

Inspired by Gustafsson’s fascination in space and landscape, the artworks included are from her two series titled “Celestial Spaces” and “Fantastic Spaces.” “Celestial Spaces was also her first solo exhibition at Flatcolor Gallery in Seattle. Viewers can always experience or even just imagine the infinite possibilities our universe holds when appreciating Gustafsson’s illustrations. If you want to voyage further and discover more about Nicole Gustafsson’s otherworldly artworks, please visit Nimasprout, and read more about her process on her blog.

NicoleGustafsson_05 NicoleGustafsson_04 NicoleGustafsson_07 NicoleGustafsson_08 NicoleGustafsson_09-1 NicoleGustafsson_03 NicoleGustafsson_01

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