panorama 2017

We’re excited for the 2nd time in a row we’ve been invited to cover Panorama in NYC!   Panorama will be taking over Randall’s Island this season from July 28-30.  In case you’re unfamiliar with Panorama, its one of the biggest summer festivals in New York City and it’s ran by Goldenvoice who happen to be the masterminds behind Coachella, so you know the production value will be exemplary!  Panorama is expected to bring local NYC music talent along with some internationally known headliners to keep the festival goers fixated from beginning to end.  I always like to shed a little light on the smaller acts, since most of our viewers know who the headliners, here are a few of my favorite smaller acts that caught my eye, check them out below.

Some say RnB is dead, I say its being reborn.  THEY. is part of this new wave of RnB that’s taking over.  Combining some electronic and rock elements to their classic RnB vocals, their sound refreshing and innovative compared to the raunchy “RnB” being put out by some other artists who I will not name.  Here are some of my favorite tracks from THEY. and be sure to check them out on Friday!

Hailing from New York, SOFI TUKKER is a musical duo consisting of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern. Last year they released an EP, Soft Animals, their single “Drinkee” was nominated for a 2017 Grammy for Best Dance Recording. Based off their video alone, this is going to be a fun group to catch at Panorama.  See you on the dance floor.

Don’t expect this music festival to be just limited to music, Panorama also brings an interactive digital experience through THE LAB.  “An interactive experience that combines technology, artistry, and design, created exclusively by New York City–based artists. THE LAB, curated by META, places experiential digital art at the heart of the festival, with six interactive installations and a massive 360-degree virtual-reality theater. THE LAB, powered by HP, is a playground of music and technology that can only be experienced at Panorama.”


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