Photographer Follows Girlfriend Around the World – Part 2


The photo series titled “Follow Me” by Russian photographer Murad Osmann became a viral sensation a few months back, but he has not stopped and continues his amazingly popular project. The main subject, his girlfriend, Nataly Zakharova travels around the world and captures the exceptionally gorgeous scenery by showing only the back of Nataly as she holds his hand and guides him through.

The series began when Nataly grabbed Osmann’s hand, impatient as he kept stopping to take photos on a trip to Spain. As she pulled him forward he thought, “OK, let’s take that picture.”

They started the project back in 2011 and keep posting new photos on Osmann‘s Instagram profile which already has more than 662k followers.

Source: @muradosmann | Facebook

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_001Moscow Kremlin, Russia

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_002Brick Lane, London

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_003Alhambra, Granada, Spain

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_004Eze, France

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_005Benidorm, Spain

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_006Anubis Gaurds at Universal Studios in Singapore

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_007Crystal Palace in Madrid, Spain

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_008Snakes of Bali

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_009FC Anzhi Team in Makhachkala, Russia

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_010Istanbul, Turkey

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_011Time Square in New York

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_012Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_013Corrida Seville Spain

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_014Art Installation by Leandro Erlich in East London

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_015Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Antibes, France


follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_018Casa Mila in Barcelona

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_019Barcelona, Spain

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_020Hotel Praktik Rambla in Barcelona, Spain

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_021Praktik Hotel in Madrid, Spain

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_022Miami Beach, Florida

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_023Ice Rink in Central Park – New York

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_024Milan, Italy

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_025Moulin Rouge in Paris, France

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_027Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_028Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, New York

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_029Berlin, Germany

follow-girlfriend-murad-osmann-_031Hong Kong, China

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