Photography x Hipster Statues x Léo Caillard

Who needs Michelangelo when you have Michael Kors?  French digital photographer  Léo Caillard has developed an exceptionally saucy method of playing with our judgement of past and present with his latest project titled ‘Hipster in Stone’.  Caillard takes classical sculptures and dresses them up in Photoshop.  It’s not only hilarious to see these sculptures dressed up in chic hipster wear but perhaps Caillard’s mission was to lead us to wonder just how quickly swayed we may be by someone’s physical appearance.  Think about it!  Either way Caillard does excellent work and I could easily see this turning heads on a billboard.  See more on the break.

 Hands down my favorite.  Dat pose…

See his process in the video.
What do you think?