Photography x Paper Realities by Jan Kriwol

It’s often a challenge to find a digital photographer who effectively brings together influenced original work along with a prosperous career in marketing and advertising, while sustaining their own unique artistic design.  Despite the fact that many people may want to achieve it, only a handful actually have the ability to be natural and creative in both aspects.  If you needed to search the internet anymore for the perfect combination of playfulness and unique technique, then look no further because that talent is found in one man, that man is known as Jan Kriwol.

The Polish native has been creating a name for himself with his work.  In his search for the appropriate stability between the aesthetic and the commercial  Jan has been able to produce an original world where everything is feasible.  Jan’s clientele boasts big brand names such as Reebok and Quicksilver.  Jan’s influences come from comic strips, newspapers, urban streets, and from numerous traveling trips he has taken from around the globe.  To see more of his ‘Paper Realities’ series click below.

To see more of Jan Kriwol’s work click the link below.
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