Photorealist Paintings by Alyssa Monks


Alyssa Monks is a Joisey (that’s New Jersey with a Jersey accent) native that began painting at the early stages of childhood.  Alyssa’s ability to interpret realism using minimum detail, makes her stand out among other artists.  After receiving her B.A from Boston College she went on to earn her M.F.A from the New York Academy of Art, Graduate School of Figurative Art in 2001.  Since then she has lectured and taught at universities and institutions nationwide, but currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

My intent is to transcend both my subject and the paint itself to discover something that resonates deeply as my, often vulnerable, personal experience.  Transferring that expression of this human experience to someone who opens to it and relates to it creates human connection.  This is my goal.”

Alyssa-Monks_web01 Alyssa-Monks_web02 Alyssa-Monks_web03 Alyssa-Monks_web04 Alyssa-Monks_web05 Alyssa-Monks_web06 Alyssa-Monks_web07

alyssa_monks_2012_3_20120604_1838604543 alyssa_monks_2012_6_20120604_1952661183 alyssa_monks_2012_21_20120604_1708792734 alyssa_monks_2012_24_20120604_1027726677Alyssa-Monks_web09 Alyssa-Monks_web11 Alyssa-Monks_web13 Alyssa-Monks_web14 Alyssa-Monks_web15


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