Polarizing Pop Art by Erik Yahnker


Michael Jordan loves poontang.  There’s no question about that.  What’s to question is the Western’s fixation of pop culture (Kim Kardashians ass included).  Contemporary artist, Erik Yahnker \ studied journalism at the University of Southern California before earning his BFA at the California Institute of the Arts in 2000. During his second year at CalArts he worked on the storyboard for South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, which might explain where his sense of humor stems from.  They’re aren’t many artists today that are more proficient at this kind of an exploration as Eric Yahnker, whose work, laughs at, jabs, doubts, and ridicules the USA aka Murica.  His art is quirky and clever and deserves your eyes!  Take a look for below and…Don’t ever let go Jack…

2014_Wrecking_Ball_108x72 2014_Speed_Bumps_94x72 2014_Fingering_Crisco_37x30 2014_Faith_Face_32x34 2014_Crimea_River_40x30 2013_Woolly_Woman_14x17 2013_JugsofSteel(AColdDayInHell)_70dia 2013_Epiphany (The King Grabs Crotch)_photobyJeffMcClane2 2013_Billrise_15x20(v2) 2012_Stack(Ringo)_11x8 2011_EndlessSummer


 To see more work from Erick Yahnker click below.


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