RAW Cypher: Like, Sir Michael Rocks, Mod Sun and Dizzy Wright


Cypher: Anything cyclical. If your freestyling, you rap in a cypher (one after the other). Interrupting another man will break that cypher (unless he’s next in line and the dude behind him is falling off)(straight from Urban Dictionary so you know its legit).  Now that we all know what a cypher is, the team at RAW Papers came together to campaign for their future release of mini-clippers.  They assembled four unique artists that all come together for one evident common factor, they can flow.  The cypher includes Like from Pac Div , Sir Michael Rocks , Mod Sun and Dizzy Wright. With the beat created by Scrilla Beats, video shot by BLKDMNDS and DJ WreckinEyez on the tables, this cypher is high caliber.  See for yourself.

What do you think?