Recap /// DNA 1st Thursday Afterhours x Chadillac Green x Assisted Living Art Show

Good people and good vibes, which usually seems to be the case these days on 1st Thursday as a culmination of artists, musicians, and art lovers converged at DNA for Chadillac Green’s Assisted Living Artshow.  DJ ERS-1 was laying soul down on the turntables all night long while savvy guests were invited to taste Sarah Brown’s delectable home baked treats.  The theme for the night was to transform DNA into a retirement home to house Chadillac’s wide range of characters.  Each character had their own story that you could read to grasp a better understanding of the struggle, hustle, indifference, or bewilderment on their face.  Above you can check out the quick recap video showcasing a few of the pieces & the nights festivities.  After the jump there’s a little photo recap.  Pick your poison or indulge in both.  The choice is yours.

 How many licks does it take to get to the center again?
The gallery.
 The man of the hour, Chadillac Green & the lovely Sarah Brown.
 Group shot with Chadillac and David Flores.  We recently did an interview with David which you can read here in case you missed it.
 Skyy & Martin stepping in.
Wallace popping up on the patio.
 Stephanie & Katy Perry stopped by to say hi.  =P
 Uriel & the Momentum Collab fam was in the building.
 Zander of Traveler & Lexo The Great taking a break from their busy music careers.
 The lady in the red patterned dress.  Need I say more?
Check out all the photos from the night below.

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