Recap: Hautebox III Featuring Lotta Stensson

What an amazing night.  It’s hard to put into words how to describe the event.  Luckily we have this awesome video that recaps the entire show perfectly.  Checkout what Hautebox is all about & an interview with Lotta Stensson after the jump.

DNA: What is your inspiration for what we saw tonight?

Lotta Stensson: My mother and grandmother are always an inspiration for me. Also, my inspiration does not change very much. I like to create fashion for an easy breezy lifestyle, not a trend. I want to create clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. My shapes don’t discriminate.

DNA: How do you create your work?

Lotta Stensson: Wooden blocks are carved to make the prints; one garment is never the same as the next. Each one can have fifty blocks that are used to create it. I keep with the old ancient traditions of print and embroidery made from the tribes.

DNA: How long does it take to make one garment?

Lotta Stensson: Five to seven days.

DNA: What is inspiring you right now, for your future work?

Lotta Stensson: Collecting things from throughout the world. I try wild things that are unique. I feel women understand my designs as out of the ordinary.

DNA: What brought you here, to Hautebox III?

Lotta Stensson: They asked, so I said sure. I live in LA but I also live in Santa Barbara so it felt very organic.

DNA: What is the top fashion faux pas you’ve seen here tonight?

Lotta Stensson: Well everyone looks very nice. One thing I don’t appreciate is what I call the lip skirts.

DNA: And what is that?

Lotta Stensson: Well they are just very short skirts. Hence the word lip skirt, they are not very classy. As a woman you don’t have to show everything to attract attention. I like more fluid dresses, something sensual. Sexy is good but I believe sensual is more important.

DNA: What part of designing is painful, the most difficult?

Lotta Stensson: The business, the fashion industry. It forces you to mass-produce because that is the only way to make money. We are essentially artists, sculptors, and painters as designers. It forces artists to mass-produce.

DNA: What gives you a rush? What excites you?

Lotta Stensson: Waking up in the morning knowing that I work for myself. I have the freedom to do whatever I want to make the garments for the women who I find are very beautiful creatures.

DNA: Why do you design clothing for women and not men?

Lotta Stensson: I want to start a men’s collection. I feel there is a void in interesting tops for men. I’d like to make men’s wear and kids wear; there is just not enough time.

DNA: Do you believe in suffering for fashion?
Lotta Stensson: No! You should not be a slave to fashion, especially in the financial aspect. For instance, my assistant wanted a pair of shoes that everyone had, and I said why would you want an $800 pair of shoes that everyone has? That’s just ridiculous. Fashion is an expression. It tells someone who you are. A bag cannot fill a void.

DNA: What about high-heeled shoes, that kind of suffering?

I’m OK with that.

DNA: What’s your goal as a designer?

Lotta Stensson: To have fun! I want to stay creative, happy, and satisfied everyday. Like waking up each morning and being completely free to do whatever I want. I always have long-term goals but now that I am more experienced I feel more of an urge to live in the now. Life is so short. I want to help everyone stay happy, and hopefully they will not have to go in debt to do that.

DNA: How do you choose your fabric?

Lotta Stensson: I make them so I just choose the base cloth. I design all the prints. When I feel cloths which are from the 1920’s which a little broken down, I like it a lot, it’s like, “Ooo,” it’s a little orgasm for me. I also like using the fabric that I choose because if you wear it casually at home, like after taking a shower, it makes you feel sexier that wearing something that most people may wear, like an Umpa Lumpa; sweat pants.

Photo Recap

 Hautebox III’s beautiful location.
 The show started off with classic pieces by Lotta Stensson.
Alexandra working the runway.
Sparklers were abound for the final walk.
Madame Vera and the gorgeous models of Hautebox III.
A mystical mermaid knows how to strike a pose.
DJ Fab rounded off the night with an awesome set that got everyone dancing.

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone involved making DNA Presents Hautebox III featuring Lotta Stensson our most spectacular & Haute’ests event to date! Honored that we were able to help raise some money & bring more awareness to Youth Interactive. Special thanks to the Semler family for opening up their beautiful property.  The Semler estate is open to hold events, so if you would like to use their grounds for your event please contact them.

Additional thanks go to:

– Corinna Bernasko, Head Event Organizer & Coordinator
– Vera Chapligin, Fashion Show Coordinator
– Lotta Stensson, Fashion Designer
Ciao Bella Montecito, CindaMcCraw, Jewelry Designer & Vanessa Tremblay
– Casa de Flores, Event Decorator & Chef
Walter Claudio, Walter Claudio & stylists, Hair
– Veronica Ramos & assistant, Make-Up
GeorgeLimousine, Jorge Tavera, Donating 2 Limousines For The Transportation of the Models
Carreta De Oro – CDO Tequila, Abraham
Cutler’s Artisan Spirits, Ian Cutler
Pressed Juicery – Montecito, Michael Quaranta
Winery Giessinger, Ed Giessinger
Eye Society, Alisa, Sunglasses for the Show
– Camila Leao, Liquido (Bikinis)
– Andre, Coral Biquinis
– RadHas Love, Headdresses for the Show
– Nick Jacobs, DNA’s Art Curator
– Alex Alexander & Paul Vert, Holly Whipple, DNA Photographers
– Our 10 Gorgeous Models
– Roy, Ex-DNA but still DNA Videographer at heart =P
– Brooks, DNA Videographer
– aRod, Andrew Rodriguez & Dj Fab, Awesome DJ-set, Great Music
– Save The Memaids, Chelsea Pacheco & collegue, Mermaid Performances
– BlueSar, Travis Hawley, Valet Service
– EOS Transportation, Shuttle Service
– Nightout, Bryan Brand

– and so many more, all of our helpers, security, you know who you are!

To see the entire gallery from the nights festivities head over to the

Official Hautebox III Gallery

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