Recap | We The Beat Presents FMLY BND x SOHO x 2.21.2014

We The Beat which has quickly risen up the ranks of quality promotions in Santa Barbara put on another stellar soldout show at SOHO with the indie electronic FMLY BND.  Check out their aptly titled “Electricty” track in the header to set the mood for the rest of the post.  Quality music? Check.  Quality people? Check.  Quality environment? Check!  It seems like We The Beat can do no wrong and we are excited to see what upcoming events they have coming up this summer.

Kirk the man behind We The Beat enjoying the night out with a friend.

Daniel aka Durtis aka one of the lead music bloggers for DNA was on the scene making sure the DJ’s levels were correct and the ladies never got lonely.  =P  Check out Daniel’s musical tastes here.

The nights theme had to be eyes.  You’ll find out in a minute, but seriously I have no clue what your name is (girl on the right), but your eyes are hypnotizing.  So hypnotizing that I made 50% of this post dedicated to people’s eyes.

Lead guitarist of FMLY BND, Mac Montgomery, having an eye opening moment backstage.  How many eye puns can I jam into one post?  Lets find out.

Look into my eyes as I offer this chalice of life giving purpose to you.

Okay, onto the show.  Did I mention this show was sold out?

Braelyn Montgomery belting out the high notes to the crowds approval.

Some jumped with hands in the air like they didn’t care, some got down on the floor, but a few put the moves on and did a little tango.  Hey, why not?

Boom!  FMLY BND started their set off with their signature indie electronic sound, but later turned up the energy a notch.

FMLY BND’s drummer finished the night off with an upside down twerk hanging from the rafters.  Impressive stuff.

By the look of Brain’s eyes he was scarred for life.  I think I was too.

Want to check out all the action from the night?  Check out the Official FMLY BND at Soho Gallery Here.

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