Rudimental feat. Becky Hill – Powerless (MK Remix)

Jared Stanley

There are simply not enough good things to say about this track.  The vocals, the melody, the breakdowns, the build-ups, the bouncy deep-bass beat and did I mention the vocals?  Jesus.  If this isn’t house music greatness plain and simple than I don’t what the hell is.  Our social media manager, company jokester and all around Grade-A dude pointed me in the direction of MK’s latest the other day and I’ve probably listened to it 24 times since then.

Speaking of MK, if you like House Music and you haven’t spent some serious time getting to know this guys work I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.  There’s a long-list of classics this man is responsible for and he obviously has no intention of stagnating.  So grab a listen from the SoundCloud widget at the top and if it suits your fancy be sure to peruse his Soundcloud site for some more tasty nuggets.

MK’s Soundcloud

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