Self-Portrait Watercolored Photography by Aliza Razell


Artist Aliza Razell continues discovering various abstract narratives by blending two uncanny mediums, photography and watercolors.  “In her first series, Anesidora, Aliza explores the story of Pandora’s Jar: “Yes, jar,” she says, “a large, urn-like jar — but since the 1400s it’s been mistranslated into Latin and then English as a box.” Anesidora (“anesi” meaning “up from below” and “dora” meaning “gift” or “given”) is another name for Pandora.” Her second series finds its inspiration in the Finnish word ikävä, which means “the feeling of missing someone or something.” ” Take a look at more of her work below.


 To view more work from Aliza Razell click the link below.


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