“Shard” paintings by See One


Shard” might be associated with meth these days thanks to Breaking Bad, but before Breaking Bad even aired, New York City artist See One was using the term to describe his distinct style of art that featured colorful, layered, swirling, sharp shapes intertwined in graffiti and texture.  As a child See One was inspired by Japanese animation, comic books, and colorful graffiti of the late 80’s and 90’s.  See One’s art can be seen on numerous murals in New York.  “My goal is to grow and attain recognition as an artist, so that I can have the means to further develop my vision and reach a larger audience with my work.”  Check out more of his work below.

Darkest-Knight Hobbes1 Mi-Amor Omega Only-you-web-510x738 Resurrection Sharkbait1 SeeoneHellbentfinal

See more art from See One below.

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