Soft Stone Sculptures By José Manuel Castro López


José Manuel Castro López is a Spanish sculptor who work appears to be ignoring the laws of nature with his incredible sculptures.  His sculptures appear to be made of a soft material similar to of a sponge or skin but in actuality he uses 100% real stone.  López believes that the stones are spirits of the land and as an artist, it is his role to conjure them.  What seems impossible, López acheives through his patience and hard work, he claims to never use glue or extra materials to exaggerate the illusion. “With technical, ingenuity and work. Day by day, you’re discovering things and you open possibilities. This happens to all of us in our work. This is carved. I never use glue. My relationship with the stone is not physical, but magical. It recognizes me, it obeys me… we understand each other. My stones are not lifeless. They manifest themselves.” Check out more of his amazing work below.

stonesculpture_art-08 stonesculpture_art-07 stonesculpture_art-05 stonesculpture_art-02 stonesculpture_art-01

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