Sony A99 Video "Deja Who?" Short Film

Rounded up a few buddies for round 2 of spontaneous film making.  If your not familiar with the process, I get a few friends, grab our trusty camera, and start filming.  There is no premeditation of the script, characters, locations, or storyboard.  We make it up as we go.  We came up with what I thought was a pretty funny concept of a girl that gets hit on by the same guy over and over again with a little twist.  If your from Santa Barbara then you will recognize all your favorite local dwellings.  A special thanks to Elsie’s bartenders for working with us on the spot and being all around good people.

You can check out last weeks spontaneous film here.

If you have an idea for a short film let us know in the comments.  We might just make your idea next week!

What do you think?