Stunning Digital Illustrations by Grégoire A. Meyer


At first glance these glossy intricate pieces may appear to be real life sculptures.  To my surprise they are actually digital illustrations by Grégoire A. Meyer.  The illustrations are distortions of the human form and generate a complex connection between reality and fiction . By mastering digital methods, Meyer constructs fragmented bodies and faces constructed from shiny, reflective metallic.  Meyer utilizes fairly dramatic lights and shadows to produce the impression of a real looking object that merely exists within the digital medium.  Take a look at more of his work below.

GregoireMeyer2 GregoireMeyer3 GregoireMeyer4 GregoireMeyer5 GregoireMeyer6 GregoireMeyer7 GregoireMeyer8 GregoireMeyer9

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