Superb Collage Work by Lola Dupré


It’s collage season at The DNA Life this week***insert hip hop machine gun shot sounds***.  No need to get your eyes checked, unless you think Lola Dupré’s collage work is anything less than spectacular. Based out of Spain, Lola Dupré is a collage artist and illustrator who spends most of her time constructing these handmade gems.  Using Paper, scissors, glue and wood panels, Lola puts together these exploding iconic portraits.  Check out more of her stunning work below.

exploding_portrait_lola_dupre_03a lemon-5-lola-dupre-king-of-pop-2_740
2a-Alek-the-second-after-lola-dupre-lisa-carletta-prescription-art_740 libertarian-william-kano-lola-dupre-2 libertarian-william-kano-lola-dupre-4 libertarian-william-kano-lola-dupre-5 lola_dupre_bashir_al_assad_new_republic.jpg_740 lola-dupre-great-shoals-1952-phone-booth-gallery-full_740 michael-jordan-nike-doubleday-cartwright-lola-dupre-3_740 michael-jordan-nike-doubleday-cartwright-lola-dupre-4_740 my_moire_lola_dupre_ces_burst_full_740 pictoplasma_helen_sobiralski_lola_dupre_full_740


To see more work from Lola Dupré click below.


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