Surreal Collage Art by Matthieu Bourel


Disturbing?  Beautiful?  Disturbingly beautiful?  Whatever you may think of Matthieu Bourel’s collage art, there is no denying his artistic vision brings the average photo to life.  Berlin based artist Matthieu Bourel doesn’t seem to lack passion for remixing imagery.  On his personal website you’ll find copious amounts of wall sized collages, animated .gifs, and even throw pillows for the couch you got for free on Craigslist.  Bourel expresses his interest with the “power of images and their combinations ,” and he clearly demonstrates us this in his innovative series. By simply replicating elements a single image, it is possible to expose new and peculiar features.  Check out more of his work below.





159_matthieuBourel-Duplicity-Maria-large700lpx matthieu bourel 1 matthieu bourel 2 matthieu bourel 3 matthieu bourel 4 matthieu bourel 5 matthieu bourel 6 matthieu bourel 7

To see more work from Matthieu Bourel click below.

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