Surreal Oil Paintings by Camilla d’Errico

Camilla d'Errico-dream-melt

While cartoons may serve no purpose to most of us, Candian/Italian artist Camilla d’Errico has been inspired by them since the early years of childhood.  As a young adolescent she spent more time doodling in textbooks than reading them.  It was not until the year 1998 when Camilla attended her first San Diego Comic Con.  It was then she realized a desk job would be the death of her very existence and pursuing art is what she really wanted to do.  Thanks to her self discipline, relentless energy, and sleep deprivation, Camilla followed her dream of working creatively for a living.  Since creating her own unique style, her art has been in video games, movies, comics, and any retail accessory you can think of.  Check out more of her work below.


To see more work from Camilla d’Errico click below.

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