Surreal Paintings by Michael Kerbow

Hollow Pursuits

So I have this friend who is getting her masters degree in environmentalism (if that’s even a thing).  She is always preaching to me be about plastic bottles, recycling, mermaids, global warming n’ shit.  I’m like, “Comon why don’t you get a degree in something useful, like business” (I personally already have a masters in hatin’).  She’ll continue to rant on about how if we don’t save the whales there wont be a tomorrow for our childrens children.  That may be true and its a harsh reality for me to grasp as of right now but San Francisco based artist Michael Kerbow does a stunning job of depicting what life may be without regulation or care for the environment.  Kerbow’s oil and acrylic paintings paint a nightmarish vision of the future where human development continues to grow while neglecting the consequences of “plastic bottles, recycling, global warming, n’ shit”.  Kerbow isn’t just a one trick pony either, he also specializes in drawing, assemblage, and digitally-manipulated photography.  He attended Pratt Institue in New York where he received his MFA, since then his art has been internationally publicized.  Check out more of his haunting paintings below.


Compulsive Actions Devourer Diminishing Returns Dominion Fool's Gold Fool's Paradise Their Refinement of the Decline The Sad Times tumblr_naz2nbheyn1rte5gyo4_500

To see more work from Michael Kerbow click below.

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