Surreal Underwater Photography by Elena Kalis


It may come to no surprise, photographer Elena Kalis’s greatest inspiration is the ocean.   Kalis is so inspired by the ocean she decided to surround herself with it by living on a small island in the Bahamas(envious anyone?).  Kalis has always been intrigued by how things appear differently underwater: shapes, colors, lights are constantly shifting.  In both pools and the oceans, Elena uses a Canon 5D Mark II with 24, 28, and 50mm lens to capture these stunning images.  Elena says one of her biggest challenges is finding models who are comfortable, graceful, and relaxed underwater, which apparently is a gift only few possess.  See more of her work below.



Elena-Kalis1 Elena-Kalis2 Elena-Kalis3 Elena-Kalis4 Elena-Kalis6 Elena-Kalis8 Elena-Kalis9


underwater_cosply09 underwater_elena_kalis60 underwater_elena_kalis98 underwater_elena_kalis107

To see more work from Elena Kalis click below.

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