Tar Creek x The DNA Life

 If you’re in Santa Barbara and you want to try a little more adventurous hike then Red Rock then you should definitely check out Tar Creek.  Located just outside of Fillmore the trek is semi-difficult as it’s a 2.7 mile hike in harsh terrain to get to the 3rd set of pools, but it’s well worth the trip.  You’ll be rewarded with a great hike, amazing views, and a beautiful area to swim and of course, there’s that 40+ ft leap of faith to conquer. 

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Paul overlooking Tar Creek.

This is the 2nd set of pools that you normally stop at where there is typically a waterfall and a 50+ foot jump into the pools below.  However, we didn’t stay long here as the waterfall was dried up. 

Ana getting her cave on.  On her way to the 3rd set of pools.

The view from the top of the jump at the 3rd set of pools.  Beached whales.

There was a pretty big second rock that you could jump off of as well, but people were jumping from all over the place.  There’s tons of ledges and rocks to jump off of.

Beka soaking up some rays.

Paul looking epic.

Most of the time on this hike there is no trail, so you kind of had to just figure out where to go next. 

That moon rock though.

The posse.

 On the way back home walking through the boulders.
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