Teddy Rose – A Simple, Stylish, Sustainable Brand


Teddy Rose brings a fierce and brave verve to sustainability. Coupled with a commitment to empowering other eco-entrepeneurs through crowdfunding, Teddy Rose attacks from many angles. Taking inspiration from Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt (26th President/all around bad ass) and his fervid belief in the conservation of Earth’s natural resources, the team behind Teddy Rose is following in his footsteps to launch a brand that takes a stylish and a gritty new approach to sustainability. Using crowd-sourcing site Indiegogo to launch their vision and brand, Teddy Rose has come up with an assortment of sustainable products available to their funders.

TR Walking

Without question, the staple pieces of this fresh start-up are their graphic tees. Manufactured using bamboo viscose, a highly renewable and viable alternative textile resource material, these tees are softer, sturdier, and more absorbent than your average cotton tee.

Stripped TR

Yosemite TR

If successfully funded, Teddy Rose will not only be putting out these killer tees but will use a portion of their funding to reinvest into other indiegogo campaigns of entrepreneurs who share the same vision of creating and developing sustainable, eco-friendly products. To become a funder and help this sleek forward-thinking brand take off, jump on over to their Indigogo campaign page before their funding deadline is up on February 6th.

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