The Butterfly Effect 3d structures by Leonardo Betti



The Butterfly Effect is a series of four distinctively unique butterflies created by Leonardo Betti, aka Leonardoworx, serving as a small yet delicate tribute to the Chaos Theory.

Incorporated with different abstract DNA forms (fluids) and some chemical patterns (molecules), this Florence-based digital artist sublimely told a whole scientific story with a few well-chosen visual details.

butterflyeffect-12b-900x900  butterflyeffect-12-900x900 butterflyeffect-9-900x900 butterflyeffect-8BB-900x900 butterflyeffect-8B-900x900 butterflyeffect-6-900x900 butterflyeffect-4-900x900 butterflyeffect-2b-900x900 butterflyeffect-2-900x900 butterflyeffect-1-900x900 butterflyeffect-0-900x900butterflyeffect-14-900x1200

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