The DNA Life Does the Harlem Shake

You may have recently realized the new viral video craze as the world does the Harlem Shake.  The DNA Life crew couldn’t resist not joining in on the insanity.  After a long hard day of shooting we decided to unwind to everybody’s new favorite trap artist Baauer with a little diddy he likes to call the “Harlem Shake”.

Baauer has literally blown up this past year.  I remember saying, hey we should book Baauer in Santa Barbara last year and now he’s playing at Coachella in a few months, but that’s how life is for a Trap superstar.

Speaking of the Harlem Shake, we have a brand new 18+ night that we are launching with the good people over at Big Room at Velvet Jones.  Want to get in the Harlem Shake video we make?  Show up & rock the dance floor at 11:30PM!  We are going to do the first Harlem Shake video in Velvet Jones.  It’s going to be ridiculous.  Bring your inflatables, bring your stuffed animals, bring your masks, and do the Harlem Shake!



What do you think?