The Notorious BIG ✘ Mo Money, Mo Problems (Woody Remix)

The Director of Videography over here at DNA, Brooks Burgoon, pointed me to Woody’s Soundcloud earlier this week, and it’s been on repeat ever since.  The Los Angeles producer and remixer has a plethora of originals and remixes to choose from, but what’s spent the most time in my headphones the past couple days is his package of Biggie remixes.

Today’s track is Woody’s inventive re-mix of the classic: Mo Money, Mo Problems.  Take a second to click here and listen to the original before you press play below so you’ll have an honest appreciation for this track.

Woody infuses his unique west coast flavor to the old-school East Coast classic, pours it over ice, and serves up a refreshing re-imagining.  Choruses, reverb and string instruments resonate perfectly under the rappers verses and he brings Kelly Price’s vocals to the forefront of the track where she belongs.

Grab a listen and the DL from his soundcloud above, and be sure to tell us what you think!

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