The Ultimate Bucket List Vol. I x Music Festivals At Sea

Last summer I enjoyed some R&R on a cruise ship to Alaska with my entire extended family, but not going to lie, there was some days I would have been more than happy to trade the Bering Sea for the Caribbean and the drunk midwesterner singing karaoke for some real entertainment.  I guess I’m not the only one with this idea because music festival cruises have been springing up in the last few years. A music festival cruise is just what it sounds like: Dancing the night away and then waking up for a concert on a private island then dancing the night away and then waking up at a different private island for another concert and then repeat one more time.  Not to mention cruise ships hook it up with gyms, spas, 24 hour buffets, 24 hour room service, movie theaters, sport courts, mini golf, rock walls, multiple pools and hot tubs. So if saying I’d rather go on a cruise with Diplo, Skrillex, A-Trak, 311, Rebelution or Pulp over my  extended family makes me a horrible person, then screw it because these music festival cruises look like a level of fun I didn’t even know existed yet.  Do I need to give more reasons why this should be on your ultimate bucket list?

There is only a few out there but each have their own vibe and itinerary.  See your options on the break.

Holy Ship

Holy Ship is brought to you by the one and only Major Lazor.  Diplo and his posse drop the bass for a 72 hour straight dance party that takes you from Miami to two different private islands. I experienced Diplo for two hours and I consider it life changing so being on a boat with him for three days might be like seeing Jesus Christ. So forget about EDC and all those expensive festivals that don’t include a hotel and food and choose to be on a private island with the biggest names in EDM in the Caribbean.

Groove Cruise


Groove Cruises leave from Miami and goes to the Caribbean or Los Angeles and goes to Mexico with private beach parties already set up at each dock location. This cruise leaves September 27th so you still have time to save up some cash and buy your room!

311 Music Festival

311 Music Festival takes place in March and takes you around the Caribbean for five days with your favorite reggae/rock bands like Rebelution, Badfish and Less than Jake. If you don’t want bass in your face for 72 hours straight and want to be surrounded by chill vibes on a white sand beach this seems like the festival for you.  Where else would you want to attend a Reggae festival than in the Caribbean?

S.S Coachella

And we can’t forget about the Indie lovers. The S.S Coachella embarked on it’s first voyage last December and are planning to do again this upcoming year.  Unlike the other cruises I mentioned above, there are no private island parties but all music is held on the boat with wine tasting and good times while still allowing you to have the cruise port excursion experiences in the Bahamas and Jamaica.  

Music festival cruises are a great way to combine your vacation with today’s top music headliners and a way to make everyone around you jealous of how awesome your life style is.  So live your dream and have some ice cream aboard one of these ships for an experience you’ll never forget.

Stay tuned for the rest of The DNA Life’s Ultimate Bucket List and comment with your own bucket list ideas!

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