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Top 10 Animated Gif Edits Created with Gifx in April


This last month we have been overwhelmed with submissions of Gifx edits, so we decided to cherry pick the top 10 edits we’ve seen come across our feed this month. From hypnotic eyes that draw you in to psychedelic creations it has been a pleasure to see the wide range of creativity at play.  Don’t forget that if you’d like a chance to be featured on our Instagram feed or our website, be sure to hashtag your edits with #gifx.


Eye cyclone edit by @ldc2468


How your brain functions… Edit by @frankcoharris


4 layered gif cyclone by @just.draw__


Dandelion caught in the wind by @reybouknight


A face within… Edit by @lubaab


Sometimes a frame is all you need to make your artwork glow.  Edit by @carlaciuffoworks


Memorizing wallpaper edit by @kkmart23


Surrealistic environment by @atlasimagery


Magical wind pinwheel by @Freethechowder

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