Uncertain Journey Installation by Chiharu Shiota


Chiharu Shiota, a Japanese artist, is best known for creating room-filling, monumental yet delicate, poetic composition. Her recent large-scale installation, titled Uncertain Journey, has taken over a gallery’s central atrium at Blain|Southern, Berlin, where viewers are able to view the intricate networks of yarn from the inside or get a bird’s eye view from the second-floor mezzanine of the gallery.

Putting forward her idea of our life journey without a predetermined destination, this site-specific work is laden with symbolism. The dazzlingly bloody-red yarn symbolizes our blood and the nexus of threads relate to veins and nerve cords or even, profoundly, to the relationships between people. The boat carcasses, on the other hand, raise existential questions of fate and belonging.

“The installation is like one vast network, with the boats carrying us through on a journey of uncertainty and wonder.”, says Shiota.

Often Shiota’s installations employs the use of everyday objects like keys, windows, and dress within her work to explore the connection between living and dying and to access memories found within these objects. The stretching intricate thread all over an environment, which has now become one of her most iconic techniques in her installations.

Uncertain Journey is on view at Blain|Southern, Berlin and will run through November 12, 2016.

Chiharu-Shiota-Uncertain-Journey-2016-Installation-view-Courtesy-the-artist-and-BlainSouthern-Photo-Christian-Glaeser-3 Chiharu-Shiota-Uncertain-Journey-2016-Installation-view-Courtesy-the-artist-and-BlainSouthern-Photo-Christian-Glaeser-1 Chiharu-Shiota-Uncertain-Journey-2016-Installation-view-Courtesy-the-artist-and-BlainSouthern-Photo-Christian-Glaeser Chiharu-Shiota-Uncertain-Journey-2016-Installation-view-Courtesy-the-artist-and-BlainSouthern-Photo-Christian-Glaeser-2

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