Veiled Bronze and Marble Sculptures by Kevin Francis Gray


When I think of Ireland, I think of 3 things: redheads, potatoes, and Guinness.  Irish sculptor Kevin Francis Gray’s figurative sculptures have now made that list extend to 4.  Gray works primarily with bronze and marble to construct idealized figures draped with fabric.  While many artists these days rely on laser cutting or other scientific technological enhancing machines to cut marble, but not Kevin Francis Gray.  Gray likes his work old school like he likes his hip hop.  I actually don’t know if he even listens to hip hop but if he did, he probably has a poster of LL Cool J on his wall…Possibly shirtless, no jk.  But back on top Gray actually works by hand from start to finish.  Check out more of his beautiful work below.

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To see more work from Kevin Francisc Gray click below.

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