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Artist Spotlight – Sally West | The DNA Life
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Artist Spotlight – Sally West

Sally West Art

Who is Sally West?  We caught up with the Australian artist this week for a short interview.  Sally West specializes in painting still life and landscapes with an impasto technique.  Most of Ms. West’s work can be found on her website, so if you are interested in purchasing a piece, check out her website for more info.  Take a peek into Sally’s artistic perspective, interview on the jump.

Why art?

Art was never a choice. I feel a need to produce it. I can’t explain why. It drives me to work harder than I am physically meant to at times.

What does your creative process look like?

My creative process is simple. I am responding to my environment. I choose my subjects purely from the impact they have on me. I paint landscapes, portraits and still life.

Often I paint outdoors. This creative process involves finding a location that inspires me. I pack my car full of supplies. Unpack on location. Set up. Paint. I work fast because of the limited amount of hours in a day. I choose to respond immediately and without any input after the event. In other words I don’t touch the painting once back in the studio. It’s a rule I have for myself. I believe it is hard to have a rational view of anything newly painted so it’s best to walk away, make those decisions later after there has been time to let it go.

Getting the paintings home when they are wet is the hardest part. They are fragile, loaded with heavy amounts of paint. Any bumps can destroy the work instantly. They take many months to dry so the next challenge is finding space for them to dry without anything touching them. Considering the amount I produce this process is extremely challenging.

What do you hope others see when they look at your body of work?

I rarely think about what others see when they look at my work. I am secretly amazed by people’s responses to my work. Delighted when they enjoy them. It’s lovely to get recognition for the work you do, to sell enough to keep working. But the mission I have is very personal – to better myself as an artist. I guess, In that sense I hope that others see my work is evolving.

If you had the ability to create anything what would your dream project be?

Every time I start a new painting I am living my dream in that moment. When I go to the art supplies shop and have enough money to buy loads of paint and canvases I realize that I am living my dream. Every painting I start I feel satisfied with that moment, where I am and what I am doing. I can not say that I feel the same on completion because I rarely love the painting I have just produced.

I guess if I think harder, there would be another dream that I have. As I paint outdoors mostly, large canvases too, I am limited to painting in my own country. I need to be able to transport the wet paintings back to my studio. I would love to be able to travel the globe painting as I was going with assistance in getting the works undamaged back to a central location, that being my studio. Each of my exhibitions is like a visual diary of the places I go to. To do this on a global scale would be amazing.

Sally West Art Sally West Art  Sally West Art Sally West Art

To see more work from Sally West, click below


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